The Best Mother book cover

words by C.M. Surrisi
pictures by Diane Goode
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The Best Mother

When Maxine wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, she wonders if the problem might be her mother. What if she could try out a new mom who doesn’t make her brush her teeth or comb her hair?

Enlisting Mom to help her with the search, Maxine interviews various prospects to be her new mother at the park, the toy store, and the zoo. Unfortunately, these other mothers present a host of new problems and concerns. Maybe her “old mother” was the best mother of all?

For every child who’s ever wondered if the grass is greener, The Best Mother affirms that there’s nothing better than your own mother’s love.


Junior Library Guild Selection


C.M. Surrisi, author, and Diane Goode discuss The Best Mother, The Children’s Book Review, 29 April 2019 (download a PDF of this interview)

C.M. Surrisi

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