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The Unofficial Lola Bay Fan Club

The inten­si­ty of tween fan­dom col­lides with the shift­ing friend­ship dynam­ics of mid­dle school as Iris comes to terms with all the ways friend­ships can be good and bad.

Pop star Lola Bay is every­thing to Iris and her best friend, Leeza. Her songs speak right to their souls and they can’t wait to start a Lola Bay fan club when mid­dle school starts. But then mean girls take over the fan club and Leeza seems to be inter­est­ed in oth­er things.
Enter Dana. She’s bold and cool and not afraid to stand up for her­self. Plus, she’s a mas­sive Lola Bay fan and knows how to get free merch online. She even has big ideas for get­ting them to a con­cert.
When some of Dana’s ideas make Iris a lit­tle ner­vous, she push­es the feel­ings down—Dana seems to know what she’s doing. Only as Dana’s plans get big­ger and big­ger, Iris feels worse and worse. And then Dana cross­es a line that caus­es trou­ble for Iris’s whole fam­i­ly.
How could some­one who is sup­posed to be a friend do that? And, Iris won­ders, how did I let things go this far?

C.M. Surrisi

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