510KNaOUHRL._SX403_BO1,204,203,200_When Maxine wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, she wonders if the problem might be her mother. What if she could try out a new mom who doesn’t make her brush her teeth or comb her hair? Enlisting Mom to help her with the search, Maxine interviews various prospects to be her new mother at the park, the toy store, and the zoo. Unfortunately, these other mothers present a host of new problems and concerns. Maybe her “old mother” was the best mother of all? For every child who’s ever wondered if the grass is greener, The Best Mother affirms that there’s nothing better than your own mother’s love.

9781512448368fc (1)

For decades, Gusty’s Cafe has been a beloved staple in Maiden Rock, Maine. Quinnie    Boyd’s dad runs the cafe, just like Quinnie’s grandad before him. But the family business has new competition when a bad-boy chef from Boston opens his own place in the small vacation town. The new restaurant takes fancy dining to the extreme. Still, that’s not a crime . . . but when things start to go wring at Gusty’s, Quinnie suspects foul play. Are the people behind Restaurant Hubert trying to squash the Boyds’ Family cafe? Quinnie is about to find out if it is a coincidence or sabota

Third Quinnie Boyd * Carolrhoda 2018 * AGATHA NOMINATED

A SIDE OF SABOTAGE : ISBN-13: 978-1512448368 (trade hardcover); ISBN-10: 1512448362 (eb-pdf) Available now from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Malaprop’s, Indiebound, Lerner  Publishing

Second Quinnie Boyd Carolrhoda 2017

In the months after Quinnie Boyd cracked the mystery of her missing teacher, she expected life in her small Maine town to snap back to normal. But two black-clad horror writers from New York City have arrived in Maiden Rock, and there’s something not quite right about them. Ceil and Edgar Waterman claim to get their stories from a real-life, Dracula-style vampire count. It’s ridiculous . . . right? But after a series of strange events around town, Quinnie starts to believe it. Sure, Ceil and Edgar are pale. And they dress in all black. And they don’t go near the sunlight. But could they really be vampires?To find out Quinnie turns to Dominic—a new kid in town who’s an expert on everything geeky. Together, they’ll risk their necks to find an answer . . .

Vampires On the Run
ISBN 978-1-5124-1150-8 (trade hardcover)
ISBM 978-1-5124-2692-2 (EB pdf)

Available now from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Malaprop’s, Indiebound, Lerner  Publishing

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First Quinnie Boyd  Carolrhoda 2016

When Ms. Stillford does not show up on the first day of school, 13-year-old Quinnie Boyd is convinced her beloved tutor has been kidnapped.

Quinnie, clever and endowed with a vivid imagination, is initially unable to convince her mother, the sheriff of the small coastal village of Maiden Rock, Maine (as well as its postmistress and real estate agent; it’s that small a town), to mount a search. Missing her best friend, Zoe, who is in Scotland for the year, but aided by her maybe-crush, Ben, and by the new girl, skinny-jeans–clad Mariella from New York City, Quinnie mucks through the marsh, sneaks into houses, spies on visiting tattooed rockers, and jumps to conclusions—with the best intentions but often humorous results. Much of the book’s humor derives from the quirky, colorful Maiden Rockers, particularly the two elderly nuns who drive too fast, can’t figure out recycling, live in the convent with hordes of cats, and have a puzzling need for bat guano. Quinnie is a memorable protagonist with an engaging voice, confused about her feelings for Ben and her anger at the mother she loves even as she barrels full tilt and against her mother’s instructions into her amateur sleuthing.

The Maypop Kidnapping
ISBN 978-1-4677-5789-8 (lb : alk. paper)
ISBN 978-1-4677-9560-9 (EB pdf)
Available now from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Malaprop’s, Indiebound, Lerner  Publishing

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Praise for Maypop:

moombeamgold“Surrisi’s debut novel is a delightful cozy mystery, snugly mixing intrigue and humor, with an unpredictable and satisfying resolution. (Mystery. 10-14)” – Kirkus 

“This funny and engaging debut is set in contemporary Maine, as eighth grader Quinnie is just about to begin school with her class of two when her teacher goes missing. Quinnie pleads with her mother—Maiden Rock’s mayor, sheriff, and only real estate agent—to search for her missing teacher, but to no avail. After days of waiting, the tiny town finally realizes that something strange is happening in Maiden Rock. Armed with a new friend and her desperate desire to find her teacher, Quinnie takes matters into her own hands. Who is the kidnapper? “Maniac psycho-killer lover” Owen Loney? Left-at-the-altar John Derby? And just what are those two nuns up to, anyway? Surrisi has created a tale that captures readers’ attention within the first few pages and keeps up the pace through the last chapter. The characters are relatable, refreshingly human, and very funny. Quinnie acts just like a 13-year-old girl would; she is an adult, a child, wise, and very foolish all at the same time. Surrisi’s law background lends valuable perspective and information to the mystery but is never heavy-handed. Information is always provided through Quinnie and with the right level of comprehension for a girl her age. Perfect for middle schoolers and upper elementary–aged readers, this title hits just the right note of suspense without being too scary. A minor flaw is an abundance of pop culture references, which will date the book far too quickly. Here’s hoping the next installment of this planned series keeps Quinnie on her toes. VERDICT A general purchase for most libraries, and a first purchase where mysteries are in high demand.–Taylor Worley, Springfield Public Library, OR” – School Library Journal